1. Here’s an event coverage video from our recent drama production, “Hard Times, Easy Money”.

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  2. Hard Times, Easy Money.

    This play looks at a “parallel” world of exploitation; unscrupulous middle-men in cahoots with equally unscrupulous local employers, why they do it, the consequences and fall-out for all who are party to this fraudulent and risky business. 

    A personal reflection by Bernice on “Hard Times, Easy Money”.

    "I’m feeling a little bit reflective now, so I figure I should write something. Almost three months of hard work and three successful shows later, it is finally a wrap. And most importantly, a success. I’ve so, so many people to thank for what we have achieved with "Hard Times, Easy Money", and I want to show some recognition and appreciation to them. 

    First up, to the music team for drawing in the crowd with your wonderful tunes. Thank you for always being so ready and willing to represent us in every single event. 

    Next, to the drama team who put up a fabulous performance today. Thanks for making time down after work and sacrificing your weekends to come for practices. I really, really appreciate all of your hard work and time, and I’m sure the crowd today did too. Even for Amanda, Audrey and Louisa - your roles were much, much shorter than the rest but you guys always attended practices so diligently. Thanks for the solidarity, girls. 

    To Sherli, our emcee for the day. Thanks for being such a great sport and for stepping up to the role upon invitation. We’ll be seeing you at more of our stuff yeah? ;)

    A special shout out to Brandon even though I know he wont be seeing this. Brandon is the guy whom we rented the sound system from. He really went the extra mile for us today.I think what really touched me was when he made the extra trip to his office to get a 42” TV at the last minute because the projector we intended to use for subtitles didn’t work too well. He could have very easily dismissed us but nope, he did not hesitate. And nope, no mention of cost at all. Great guy, great heart. 

    To the thousand strong crowd (I’m guessing!) today for being so supportive and cheering us on every minute of the play. Yay to all of you who came by despite the weather that looked to threaten (but thankfully spared us till the last minute). We look forward to meeting even more of you in future. 

    To Jill for designing ALL our posters, and always helping us out with the last minute edits. ♥

    Last but not least, to the two girls, Janell & Sophy, who have been working tirelessly behind the scenes. Without the both of them, this event would not have existed. They have been helping me out with SOOO many things - from applying for license, getting the security guards (yeah we had to :/), engaging the events management company, and settling all the odds and ends. Thank you girls.

    OK, that was a little long but I really had to offer my heartfelt thanks to everyone of them ♥ ♥ This event was planned with lots (!!!) of obstacles along the way. To be very honest, it was very tiring and trying. There were times when I doubted if we could pull it off, let alone garner a big crowd. I do get people asking me occasionally why I bother myself with events like this? Very time consuming, heart-breaking (once or twice) and stressful too. But I think, I’ve really learnt so much from all of the people I’ve worked with. New friendships forged, a lot of fun and laughter, and also the fact that we can provide a small platform for both our Bangladeshi and Singaporean friends to showcase their talents as well. So thank you to all of you who have made this such a memorable journey. Melvin, I’ll never forget the extra flying kick (to Osman’s butt) scenes during rehearsals. Cracked us all up.

    Yiqin and I will be heading over to Bangladesh again some time in April to visit Jahangir and do a sequel film. So yes, you can all look forward to our next short film. xx”

    For more photos, check out our album at : http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.440843192667161.1073741829.324601700957978&type=3

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  3. Hello Cedar Girls’

    This morning Yiqin and Bernice headed down to Cedar Girls’ to give their Secondary 1 students a talk on social innovation and BTBBTM. It was interesting to hear what kinda impression these Sec 1 girls have of the migrant workers in our midst. This talk is also especially special for the both of us because we’re former students as well. So, thank you Cedar for having us today. We enjoyed ourselves, and we hope you did too.




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  4. FUN’s press conference

    The BTBBTM was invited to play for FUN’s press conference this afternoon!!!! What an honour. *beams* 
    Other than meeting FUN live at the press conf and playing for them, the music team is at their concert NOW. We promise some photos when the crew comes back from the party ;)





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  5. With one chapter closed, another opens.


    A huge thank you to all of you who made time and went down to The Arts House to catch the exhibition which closed today. It had been a very busy 2012 for us. We went to Bangladesh for our documentary, took part in a couple of music gigs, had our own stand alone music concert, hosted a panel discussion, held three film screenings and a photo exhibition. Phew!

    In the first quarter of 2013, we are looking to do a drama production together with Dibashram (we’ve started preparing already! :D) and also a sequel to our short film - this time focusing solely on Jahangir who is now back in Bangladesh with his wife, Shumi. 

    We spoke with Jahangir two days ago and we’re happy to share that his family has finally came to terms and accepted his love marriage to Shumi. Yay! 

    Now, we are looking for people to buy a frame (or frames!) and contribute to our next trip. How it works is that you can choose a photo (from our exhibition) that you like, contribute $200 to our go-to-Bangladesh fund and we would have it personally delivered to the family. The amount will go into paying for our air tickets, transport and equipment insurance. We’ve sold some frames already (big hug to those who bought it!!) and are looking to sell at least 5 more. Any other smaller contributions are welcomed too! 

    Have a blessed 2013.

    Much love, 
    BTBBTM team

    (p/s : you could email us at bernicewsf@gmail.com or leave us a message in our FB inbox for more details)

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